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CAT4+ Genny

A critical safety tool designed to support safe working with the aim of driving down utility strike rates. The C.A.T4+ avoidance mode allows the operator to check an intended excavation area for power and radio while the Genny4 signals to pinpoint located utilities with a single scan. The bar graph also allows the user to quickly spot and zero-in on a buried conductor.
Avoidance mode
Small locate frequency
Radiodetection CAT4 Scanner product on a white background
Dynamic overload protection
Depth estimation
Alongside the familiar 33 kHz signal the Genny4 transmits a specialised, small diameter locate frequency which facilitates the location of utilities like telecoms and street lighting, including spurs.
Operating temperature range (°C) Environmental protection) Depth accuracy line Batteries Unit weight (kg)
-20°C to +50°C (4°F to 122°F) IP54 +/-5% tolerance from 0.1m to 3m, Sonde (“mouse”): +/- 5% from 0.1m to 7m 2x alkaline or NimH-D-cells (LR20) 2.3kg (including batteries)
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