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RGA4 Fall Arrest/Rescue Retrieval Block

A three way rescue retrieval block fitted with an up / down winch mechanism and the standard fall arrest capability. In the event of a fall, the operative can be winched up or down to safety almost immediately. As most rescue systems only lower the casualty, the RGA4 has the advantage that it can also raise the operative to a safe area.  
The RGA4 rescue retrieval winch is used in excavations up to 12m deep, and uses a 15m galvanised steel wire rope
The unit is lightweight at 11.35kg, with compact dimensions of 340mm long, 258mm wide and 80mm deep
The RGA4 has a maximum arrest force
Compatible with Davitsafe range and tripods

Weight (kg) Cable Length (m) Maximum Arrest Force/Fall Arrest Distance (kN/m) Compatible With
12.5 15 <6 / 0.5 Davit and Tripod
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