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RGP1 Rope Pole Strap

The RGP1 is a rope pole strap/work positioning device that is designed to be clipped to the side D rings of a harness or work positioning belt. The 2m length of the RGP1 allows the user enough freedom of movement, without being exposed to a fall. The RGP1 can be used for pole climbing but excels when used for mast climbing and maintenance and general work on open steel structures. Once the structure is climbed, the user can attach the RGP1, adjusting it to the required length. The operative can then perform tasks whilst in a safe position.
Anti-abrasion wear sleeve and fully adjustable
Connector and rope included

Conformance Web Material Length (m) Fittings
BS EN 358 16mm Hawser laid nylon rope 2 High tensile steel alloy

Item for sale only.

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