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RT03 Two Person Rescue Tripod

This rescue tripod is a robust alternative to the RGR1 rescue tripod and has many applications including access and rescue / retrieval from confined spaces, manholes and trenches. It is lightweight, easy to transport and assemble on site and its adjustable legs make it adaptable to fit demanding, uneven ground surfaces.
Designed for 2 people
3 pulleys and 3 anchor points offering multi set up options
T03 enables a casualty on a stretcher raised vertically to be lifted clear of the entrance
Easy to erect with lower and middle legs adjustable, meaning setup on uneven ground will no longer be a problem

Conformance Safe Working Load (kg) Maximum Height (m) Height Closed (m) Maximum Base (m) Weight (kg) Service Interval
BS EN 795 Type B 250 2.6 2 2 21.5 12 months
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