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T33 Lifting Tray

The T33 Lifting Tray has been designed specifically to safely lift excavators or heavy machinery, up to a maximum weight of 33t, in and out of excavations and shafts. Ideal for use on major projects, or any projects that require a crane to handle plant and heavy machinery.
Integrated hydraulically adjustable, telescopic arms, increases effective width from 2.88m to 3.88m
Features 2 removable ramps, which attach to the tray with a simple pinned connection
Tray is 3.7m long with the ramps giving an additional 0.9m length each end for a total max. length of 5.5m
Available with a range of endless round fabric slings
Compatible with MGF’s F55 Spreader Frames and S80 Spreader Beams.
Description Weight (kg)
Max Assembled Weight 3950
Lifting Tray Main Tray 2630
Lifting Tray Ramp 650
Lifting Tray Spreader Arm 100
13.5t Green Pin Bow Shackle 6.5
4.75t Green Pin Bow Shackle 1.2
5m Round Sling 17


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