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UniShore® Bracing

Three bracing systems are available for the UniShore range to suit specific requirements.
  • Tension Bracing uses high load Dywidag tie bars and a tension bracket to connect using the CP1 connecting pin into the web of the prop members providing a high load simple to install bracing panel
  • Push Pull Bracing is used where a single push pull type brace is preferred, push pull braces are made from standard light or medium prop components pinned into the prop webs using the CP1 Connecting pin
  • Scaffold Bracing is used with UniShore light or for stability bracing during installation or removal standard scaffold tubes connect to to any of the prop systems using a half coupler (code HC) and can be braced using standard fixed and swivel scaffold couplers
simple pinned connections
high load capacity
light and easy to install
bracing systems compatible across the unishore range
Bracing components are common across the range and feature a simple pinned connection into the prop sections.
Render of Push Pull Bracing
Push Pull Bracing
Render of Scaffold Bracing
Scaffold Bracing
Render of Tension Bracing
Tension Bracing
Component Weight (kg)
BTB Tension Bracket 5.10
BHN 50mm Hex Nut 0.22
BB Bracing Bar 1.44/m
CP1 Ø30mm Pin 0.70
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