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UniShore® Light

A lightweight, modular shoring and propping system that balances the need to minimise component weight, reducing risk where manual handling is unavoidable whilst maintaining robustness and load capacity. Ideal for use in a busy construction environment where there is limited space.
Load capacity of up to 20 tonnes
compact 220mm x 170mm section
section weight 15.2 kg/m
simple pinned connections
Sections can be bolted directly to UniShore medium and heavy sections. A range of needle and grillage beams are available.
Render of a Light Screw Jack and Base Plate
Light Screw Jack and Base Plate
Render of a Light Raking Prop Adaptor
Light Raking Prop Adaptor
Render of a Light Duty Pivot Block
Light Duty Pivot Block
Render image of a Light Duty Anchor Plate
Light Duty Anchor Plate


Product Code Description Length (mm) Weight (kg)
LE0140 140mm Extension 140 6.10
LE0250 250mm Extension 250 7.30
LE0500 500mm Extension 500 10.20
LE1000 1000mm Extension 1000 17.20
LE2000 2000mm Extension 2000 30.50
LSJ Light Duty Screw Jack 160 – 560 15.8
LSJB Light Duty Base Plate 6.2
LPB Light Pivot Block 13.8
LRPA Light Raking Prop Adaptor 15.6
LAP Light Anchor Plate 7.4
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