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VRS Vertical Rescue System

The Abtech VRS is designed for the rescue of one person by another individual unassisted. The RS is for use on a person who has had a fall arrested and is left hanging on a lanyard, webbing or wire rope line. The faller may be raised or lowered to a safe position. When the faller is raised the rescuer has a 4:1 mechanical advantage, which reduces the effort required. The upper pulley wheels lock when the faller is being lowered. This increased friction allows the rescuer to lower the faller effortlessly. A rescue pole is used to ‘fish’ for the fallers’ harness attachment point. The rescue karabiner has a large opening which assists with locating the attachment point.
rescue pole is sturdy and adjustable
VRS may be attached to front or rear attachment point on a harness

Pulley Conformance Rope Conformance Rope Thickness (mm) Working Length (m)
EN 12278 EN 1891 11 15

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