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Waler and Tie Back Systems

An ideal system for bankside protection of canals, rivers and marinas. Supplied as a combination of L8 sheets, waler rails and tie back rods; this system can be used in different configurations depending on the site and ground conditions.
All fixings are supplied and zinc plated as standard, all walers are galvanised as standard
Sheets can be galvanised on request

Item Effective Width per Sheet (mm) Weight (kg/m) Thickness (mm) Moment of Inertia (cm⁴) Section Modulus (cm³) Sectional Area (cm²) Steel Grade
Interlocking L8 Sheet 430 14.4 3.5 42.8 22.8 18.5 S235
Tie Back Waler Rail 3888 5.4 3.0 8.4 4.3 6.8 S275

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