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MGF Prop Load Monitoring

Our Prop Load Monitoring (PLM) service allows customers to effectively monitor temperatures and the loads within MGF props and frames 24/7, alerting them to any changes.

We offer the ability to view data remotely via a bespoke web portal where customers can also download collected data for future use.

All data is stored and preserved onto a remote server and can be analysed via graph reports and analytics tools to best help understand site conditions and prevent undesired outcomes, assisting in any necessary decision making.

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Key Benefits

  • Our Prop Load Monitoring System does not require mains wiring on site as it is powered by Lithium Ion Batt which have a 15-year lifespan, and the gateway is solar powered
  • MGF offer two hydraulic strut options for use with the system, these are 350t and 250t hydraulic struts
350T and 250T hydraulic struts
  • It is charged via a solar panel, meaning the equipment does not require a power supply and can be used in extreme remote locations
  • We can create a bespoke tailored web portal with private access so it can be controlled at the customers discretion
  • No trying to figure out where a prop is, the portal looks exactly like your site
  • The portal features powerful graphing analysis tools – allowing data options to be overlaid and analysed against each other
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  • Orange or red level alerts can be set
  • Once an alert level is triggered, users will be sent a text alert to their mobile phone alongside an email to their email address
  • Individual users can set their own preferences, either as ‘users with alerts’ or ‘users no alerts’

If you would like to enquire about our Prop Load Monitoring system or have any technical questions, contact a member of the team today.