Training event for MGF GRiPSHORE

Innovation Foundation: Research and Design is a vital tool for any company

MGF’s Engineering Director, Steve Hesketh, has written his latest Viewpoint Column for the New Civil Engineer Magazine and in this issue of the magazine is discussing manufacturing and product development in the North of England in relation to our latest product innovation MGF GRiPSHORE™.

Innovation Foundation: Research and Design is a vital tool for any company

George Osbourne’s continued support for the creation of a Northern Powerhouse, centered on Manchester is to be applauded.

Our manufacturing and technical operations, based in Manchester are set to benefit from the massive investments proposed.

By working closely with the Manchester Universities, Media City, customers and suppliers, our strategy is to take advantage of the North’s worldwide reputation for manufacturing, science and technology to help develop new and innovative products and services that can be exported.

Manchester uniquely benefits from a worldwide reputation for technology supported by its universities (over 100,000 students), the presence of Media City and the newly opened National Graphene Institute. Interestingly 25 Nobel prizes have come from Manchester University alone which is one of the reasons that the £235M Sir Henry Royce Advanced Materials Institute is being built here.

In March of this year MGF launched its most innovative excavation support product to date. The product was a result of a new approach to research and development that was started three years ago.

Our approach was to involve the whole business and collaborate with universities, customers and supplies focusing on solutions based processes. That is – identify the problem, specify what ideally would be needed to resolve it and only then start thinking of a solution.

Construction workers and business men in protective gear overlooking an installed MGF trench box at an excavation

MGF GRiPSHORE™ product trials

GRiPSHORE™ is the lightest, most flexible excavation support system in the world, uniquely combining structural grade pultruded GRP sections with aluminium hydraulic jacks.

The product is patented and has just been shortlisted for the 2015 British Construction Industry Awards Product Design Innovation Award – Civil Engineering category. Already the product has generated a great deal of interest worldwide and is being exported. Hopefully our approach will generate further innovation in the coming years and contribute to the worldwide reputation of the UK construction industry and the Northern Powerhouse.