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Know the Dangers - Shoring Best Practice

Our award winning 3D animated safety guides are now extending to highlight the common risks associated with working with our excavation support products and how to follow best practice to create a safe environment for all.

Construction is recognised as one of the most dangerous industries to work in within the UK. Every year between 40 and 80 construction workers are killed on construction sites with 500 to 800 seriously injured.

Ground works and excavation can be hazardous, the CPA Management of Shoring in Excavations  guidance suggests that most injuries occur in and around excavations less than 2.4m deep when either little or no temporary works have been provided.

As a market leader in the shoring industry we at MGF are committed to improving occupational health and safety and supporting our customers to create safe working environments. We have recently release a new suite videos that highlight of common risks associated with working with excavation support equipment.

Dangers of Working in Close Proximity to an Excavator  

Dangers of Handling Long Trench Sheets 

We regularly collaborate with our customers to develop bespoke animated guides to de-risk their projects through accessible training guidance, most recently we were delighted to be work with the CITB to represent shoring best practice in their safety awareness App.

For more information about any of our safety guides please visit our Media Centre or browse our Industry Best Practice section for the website.