MGF's Engineering Training Scheme is Approved by the ICE

MGF are pleased to announce that our Company Approved Training Scheme for Membership of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has recently been approved for a second time.

MGF first received approval from the ICE for our Company Approved Training Scheme (CATS) in April 2010. ICE CATS are reviewed periodically every 5 years by the ICE, and in 2015 the MGF CATS was due for renewal. Before submitting our revised training scheme to the ICE for approval, MGF made some significant changes and additions with the aim of improving the benefits of the scheme to both the trainees and the company.

In addition to the ICE Attributes, the CATS now includes seven company specific attributes which makes the programme unique to MGF. Engineers taking up the training scheme will be exposed to the following areas of the MGF business; Products, Operations, Safety Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ), Commercial, Contractual, Customer Relations and Major Projects. MGF believe that structured learning, development and exposure in these key areas will give our Engineers the experience and ability required to achieve professional membership of the ICE, as well as creating a skilled engineering workforce for the sustained future growth of the MGF.

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A number of routes to membership of the ICE are open to Engineers, determined by the grade of membership that is sought and the academic qualifications that the trainee has achieved, or is in the process of achieving. The new MGF CATS caters for these different routes whilst ensuring that trainees receive a structured training plan where all of their learning and development needs are met.

The benefits of the training scheme for our Engineers include; obtaining a broad understanding of how our company operates, integration into the wider business, greater future opportunities and ultimately Membership of the Institution of Civil Engineers. MGF believe that by offering a Company Approved Training Scheme, we will empower our workforce and give our engineers greater opportunities in the long term.

MGF’s Design Director, David Taberner, commented: ‘We are extremely pleased that our Company Approved Training Scheme has been approved by the ICE for a second time! We have made some significant changes and improvements to our latest scheme which now offers trainees a broader understanding of our business and the industry to help realise their full potential. At MGF, we believe that learning and development is key to making great futures for our people as well as the future growth of the company by taking responsible approaches to business. Our latest training scheme will equip our engineers to be highly effective in their roles and it certainly assists in developing our engineers into potential leaders of our future’.

The ICE Company Approved Training Scheme is one of many initiatives within the MGF business that helps our employees achieve their full potential through learning and development whilst building on their personal skills and obtaining a clear understanding of our business and objectives. MGF are committed to being viewed as an Employer of Choice and are striving to achieve this through our commitment to employment policies that promote learning and development and a positive working environment for our People.

For further information about the ICE please visit their website: