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Sharing decades of MGF expertise on deep excavations

More than 70 people attended a recent MGF presentation on safety solutions to the risks and dangers associated with excavations.

The event at the University of Central Lancashire was hosted by the Lancashire branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the North West Geotechnical Group.

MGF’s Engineering Director Steve Hesketh, focused on some challenging excavations in and around the Lancashire region and the different types of solutions that were used to deliver these projects.

ICE presentation at university

There has recently been an increased focus on temporary works in the construction industry, especially in the area of excavation support

Excavations are notoriously dangerous due to the unpredictable nature of the ground conditions and associated risks include ground movement, collapse or cave-in, as well as potential impacts on surrounding structures, works and the public.

Steve outlined an outfall pumping station excavation at Walton le Dale near Preston that was 17m in diameter and 8m deep. MGF provided bespoke designed, octagonal shaped MGF 406 UC Brace hydraulic systems complete with inter-locking Larsen sheet piles to help minimise groundwater ingress.

The octagonal design was developed to accommodate existing structures on site and keep access roads open. The outfall pumping station was positioned close to another structure and extra care was taken to ensure that neither excavation affected the other.

Said Owaiz Khan, MGF’s National Engineering Manager who is also on the ICE Lancashire branch committee: “The presentation was well received and was followed by half an hour of lively questions.

“There is an increasing interest in excavation support which is largely driven by health and safety considerations.

“The event was a good way of demonstrating what is going on in the industry when it comes to temporary works and excavation support.”