Animation of an excavation

Working in Collaboration with MGF Customers

At MGF we are happy collaborate with customers to help provide them with the best temporary works solutions, whether this is through Toolbox Talks, Lunch and learn sessions and installation animations.

Our Design, Engineering and Sales teams all work hand in hand with the customer to help create the perfect solution. From the initial design stage through to installation, it is our priority to maintain safety onsite.

We work to create long lasting relationships with our customers where they can value and trust and trust MGF to consistently deliver a high-quality service. We pride ourselves on providing innovative products and services that help our customers within the industry.

As a result of our customer collaboration projects, we gain valuable feedback that allows us to consider opinions and action said feedback through product improvements or product creation and development.

See below some product installations that are a result of past customer collaborations.

Manhole Brace & Trench Run at Seymours CE Alke Estate Hebburn

Tank Brace Installation at Ivy Road Primary School Newcastle upon Tyne

Innovation Through Collaboration with Wessex Water