Autodesk REVIT Families

Level 2 BIM Compliant Autodesk REVIT families for use in basement design and planning.

All of our hydraulic bracing and bracing strut ranges are available to download as REVIT families below. Intended for use in major basement propping schemes, the families allow you to model the framing requirements, check for clashes with the permanent structure and sequence the installation of the temporary works. All the families are Level 2 BIM compliant, complete with attributes such as weights and material properties. For an example of where we have used these families for BIM, please see the Drax Ecostore Case Study.

The bracing strut range are work plane based families, allowing them to be used as raking struts. For advice on the compatibility and suitability of our equipment, please seek guidance from our Technical File or design department.

You will require REVIT 2018 or later to use these families.


Our REVIT families are continually being updated, if you would like to be notified by email when updates are made to this page then please register for updates.

Whilst MGF have made every effort to ensure validity of REVIT Families supplied, MGF cannot accept any liability whatsoever for their usage by a third party.


We advise using Google Chrome to download the below.



Manhole Brace

Safety Equipment


Bracing Struts

Tank Brace