MGF support sustainable bridge regeneration works over the M8

  • Project: M8 Footbridge
  • Principal Contractor: BAM Nuttall
  • Project Lead: Paul McVittie, Regional Sales Manager
  • Key Benefit: Instalment of a sustainable pedestrian and cycle bridge between central and northern Glasgow
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MGF were contacted early on during April 2020 to provide support for the installation of a pedestrian and cycle bridge which was to replace an existing, deteriorating footbridge that was being demolished.

As part of a 250 million regeneration project to the area, installation of the 58m long and 2,420 tonne structure took place over Scotland’s busiest road, the M8. To allow works to take place, this section of the motorway had to be closed overnight.

Due to delays caused by the pandemic, equipment was only installed in July 2021, however before this time MGF’s sales and engineering teams worked closely with the team at BAM Nuttall to carry out several design revisions because of minor changes.

The Solution

Due to the unusually large size and high structural load of the bridge, MGF’s most suitable solution was to use a combination of 8 highly versatile 400 series struts with our 2500kN double acting hydraulic strut. The customer also requested that our Prop Load Monitoring be used on this site.

To ensure the bridge abutments were successfully retained as the existing bridge deck was removed, the twinned prop solution was able to support the abutments against the existing wing keeping them from pushing out. This was resolved by the bespoke manufacture of a Halfen Plate consisting of a 3mm thick position plate that was attached to a 30mm S275 galvanised steel face plate. The Halfen Plate was then cast and anchored into the concrete using 10 bolts, allowing it to recess into the existing wing wall foundation.

When the replacement bridge deck was lowered onto the existing abutments, only three out of the four baring points fitted correctly, resulting in a spike in loads which was successfully highlighted by the Prop Load Monitoring system. Once the deck fitted correctly into place it was jacked down to its final position.

Even though installation took place in just one night our equipment was still needed to ensure the new bridge would withstand and was safe for use as the casting of mass concrete blocks acting as weights were developed and finishing works took place.

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The Verdict

The unusually high structural load of the replacement bridge resulted in a highly technical solution involving an element requiring bespoke manufacture being provided. MGF ensured sufficient support was given to the bridge abutments at all phases.

Works are due to be complete in June 2022 and the replacement bridge will make many of Glasgow’s popular destinations easily accessible on foot.

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