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Introducing David Hall, Technical Sales for MGF's Lifting and Safety Division

David is bringing his years of experience with him as he joins MGF’s growing Lifting & Safety team. We asked David how the job has been going since starting at MGF.

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What made you want to work in the construction industry?

I wanted to work in the construction industry because the trade side of it always interested me. I wanted to learn as many trades as possible, to allow me to help out in many different areas.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy making new contacts within Lifting & Safety, creating strong working relationships with the customer has allowed me to get out and see what MGF do, which creates a greater understanding of my role within the industry.

Describe your background and how you got into the industry

My background is in scaffolding design and tool plant hire, which has lead me into the construction industry. Having a design background, I have an understanding of what we do here at MGF on the design side, this will enable me to further help my customers through this.

What do you find to be the most interesting projects to work on?

For me, the most interesting projects to work on are those that I have generated myself, through my work with clients and the relationships that I have built with my customers.

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Why do you think having strong relationships with our customers is so important?

I believe in building relationships from the bottom upwards, getting to know my customers and their requirements.

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